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broken link, so sue me...

Okay, so I can't include that picture in last week's entry because the site hosting it doesn't like external links that might allow you to bypass their pop up ads. And my photopage doesn't use the URL formats that LJ wants.

so, to see my freakshow kittens, go to

look in "kitties, new adoptees" folders, and the first pic is the Siamese kittens.

Of course, having to go through all that ruins the joke, but whatever. It'd be interesting if they really were conjoined twins, but I'm guessing that's even rarer in non-humans, and that they don't tend to survive very long if they do manage to be born.

also, will entertain suggestions for names. one's a boy, one's a girl, and they're siblings. And they only respond to commands in Hungarian.


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