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It's all about me, part two:

A few years ago, I was given a copy of this young adult paperback:

I have since discovered more books in the series:

Lara Gets Even (Making Out, 16)
Lara gets even with Kate because she can't bear to watch Kate stealing Jake. Kate's been searching for the boy who rescued her at Ben's party and now it seems she's about to find him. Can Lara dream up a scheme that will lead Kate straight to the wrong guy?

Never Trust Lara (Making Out, 20)
If you've got something to hide, never trust Lara. She's out for revenge. In Making Out #20, Lara's lost Jake to Kate, and now she's going to make everyone pay--especially Zoey. Lara knows secrets that can hurt Zoey--and Lucas--and despite all her promises, she's not above revealing them if it means revenge. Look out, Chatham Island, Lara's scheming again...

Lara Gets Lucky (Making Out, No 23)
Lara gets lucky when she spots Lucas and Nina alone together. She's been looking for ways to hurt Zoey, and now the people Zoey loves most have played right into Lara's hands. Lara has a dangerous secret--and she intends to use it...

and of course, the one I actually own:

Don't Forget Lara (Making Out, 25)
Don't forget Lara. As if anyone could! She's lied, schemed, and manipulated herself into everyone's lives. But now she's turning her own life around, and it feels great. There's only one problem--the terrifying dreams that haunt her sleep.

Wow, I sound like such a bitch. But I don't understand why I have it in for Zoey if it's that backstabbing Kate that stole Jake from me..

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