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It's all about me, part one:

I handle the book donations at work. Every once in awhile, I notice a book I wouldn't ordinarily be aware of, because it has my name on it somewhere. For example, this Jackie Collins meisterwerk:


Except for the movie star part, this is just SO spot on:

Lara Ivory(1) is a dazzling movie star(2)- a woman whom every man lusts after(3). But at 32, (4) she has yet to find a man capable of coexisting with (5) such a tempting object of desire......(6) And before she can stop herself, Lara is swept up in an affair so sensuous, wild, and passionate(7), that nobody can warn her of the dangers.(8)

(1) Not my last name, but like "Seven", it has 5 letters and a "v"!
(2) Not true.
(3) Oh so true!
(4) My real age!
(5) If by "coexisting with", she means "living together for longer than 3 years", true!
(6) I cut all this because it wasn't about ME.
(7) Hmmm, das_prompt, I'm looking in your direction...
(8) Dangers? Hey, wait a minute...how could a passionate affair with someone who I met via LJ cyberstalking possibly be dangerous?

it's so uncanny!!

Amazon quotes the following from Kirkus Reviews, which may be my favorite book review sentence of the week:

His subsequent infidelities (which is why Lara also left him) push Nikki into the arms of drug-addict and brilliant actor Aiden Sean, who just happens to be playing the lead rapist in her film.

Lead rapist. Does that rhyme with "reed", or with "bled"? hah.

Coming soon: more books about ME!!

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