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On the age-old problem of domesticity versus leisure:

lara7seven: so, you wanna see me tonight?
cegan523x: yes, but I'm not sure it's a good idea.. .I'm gonna let the girls stay up late, so we can kick it, then I'm gonna do some hard core cleaning, and I gotta get up early... maybe better to hold off 'till tomorrow night
lara7seven: how late will you be up tonite?
cegan523x: oh, not sure. I need to do laundry, dishes, and general cleaning...
lara7seven: that's okay, I guess I can be alone again tonight
lara7seven: 3rd time this week
lara7seven: is the magic gone already? :-)
lara7seven: Wait a minute: you're turning down sex for laundry and cleaning?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY BOYFRIEND?

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