Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Catching up with Friday…

So on Friday, I went to icebluenothing’s Binary birthday party in Seattle. He turned 100,000 (in binary, that’s 32) this year, as did I, so it was cool to see that someone else was geeky enough to acknowledge such.

Party was fun, but I didn’t know anyone there other than icebluenothing. I asked if any of the guests were on LJ, and he was like “I’d be surprised if anyone here was NOT on LJ. He called out to the assembled:

“Does anyone here NOT have a LiveJournal account?”
{sound of crickets}

There were like 20 people there at the time. I dunno, I was floored by this. In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes...because they have a livejournal. Heh.

Went back home about midnight because I was getting tired, but caught a second wind and decided to stop by the Jive. Craig (the mysterious date of the last entry) had already left, but T and K were there, as well as Randy and the Spanaway 4. And I’m glad I stopped by, because S4 Jeff had 3 Scott Walker CDs to loan me. Swoon! I lieks me the Scott Walker!!

After that, went home, updated LJ, and hit the hay. And now I’m at werk. Oh joy.

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