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in which life is funny

if you read my last post, you'll see a come-on/confession from someone who I had no idea who it was. I could guess from the context where he might know me from, but I had no clue who (although I had suspicions about who it might be, which turned out to be wrong).

well, before I could reply to the anonymous post, the mystery man IM'd me and said "yo, it's me."

him: well, I found your LJ because of Albania
lara7seven: I am ALL ears,
lara7seven: as i will always listen to someone who says i'm way cute
him : I was just following random links
him : well, that's pretty much it... I saw you there {at the Jive}, thought you were cute... couldn't really tell if you were attached or whatever, so just kept my mouth shut. I followed your Albania Inspiration link, and saw a post about "last night at the jive"....

interestingly enough, the weekend he noticed me at the Jive was the weekend I brought my digital camera to the Jive. I was able to send him an oddly cropped pic and say- yo, is this you? Indeed, it was. it also turns out we both know merovingian , who lives two states away from where we both live now, but we both used to live where Merovingian lives, although at different times. and any pal of merovingian's is a pal of mine (except for Enver Hoxha. fuck him, no matter what merovingian says). so that's the "we have mutual friends" thing, whereas I thought for sure he meant T. (of T. and K.)

If you guessed "lara7 is freaking out right now at the smallness of the world", ding ding ding, you get 10 points (wherever you like).

So, we have plans to hang out tomorrow after he is done with work. Will he stand me up like other Tacomans I met via the Jive? We shall see.. Now that I've added him to my friends list as a pre-emptive strike, will he turn tail and flee once he finds out about my dads sekkrit past, my doomed future, and my slutty near past? Tune in Friday...

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